Basic astrology classes

5 -7 two hour lessons 60 dollars per class.  you learn all twelve signs and all 3 decanates of the 12 sun signs. Also you learn about what the cusp means and signs on the cusp and you also learn the 12 houses in astrology and the meanings of all 12 houses. 

Intermediate and advanced astrology classes.

5-10 classes
Astrological interpretation of aspects like squares conjunctions, trines,oppositions, semisextile, and triciplicities. I also define the different meanings of the planets in different signs for instance what a sign in it's fall means or what it means if a planet is exalted in a sign. I also define and teach certain comets like Chiron or litlith . I explain different aspects of the geocentric chart what the mid-haven is what  Imum Coeli means, what the ascendant and the descendant means. I also teach numerology life path personal year, karma and master number to my advanced students price is A hundred dollars per class.

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