I offer:

$150 Natal Chart

$150 Compatibility Charts

$150 Relocation Charts

$250 Forecast for the rest of 2019 

$500 For a 12 Month forecast


Compatibility Success Facts

Compatibility success facts is a service I also provide in which I do your and your partner's natal charts. This is a health and wellness program in which I utilize  the geocentric birth charts of you and your mate to decide if it's a match or a miss. I will give you opportunity to ask as many questions as you want and I will give you full explanations as to why this could be the love of your life or a waste of your time. I interpret aspects between you and your partner as an astrologer.

My price for this is $150.

Business astrology

I offer business astrology forecast readings. This is primarily a part of my forecast but for customers that want to focus on an incisive, definite plan to create wealth for the current year. Specifically I focus on what time during the year is perfect to launch new ideas and what time of the year is perfect for networking and creating new business relationships for the future.

Serious inquiries call me 347-296-9793

Family Astrology

We offer family astrology at that is basically a parent guardian has to be  present during astrology reading for the child that receives natal or forecast chart from . These readings are very helpful for children with behavior problems or academic problems. Children have unrealized undeveloped spiritual and cosmic intelligence they also have a very healthy imagination. Children are astounded by astrology and the power to know themselves will help improve behavior problems in school and at home because self realization is the key to a healthy attitude in life.

Event Booking

Our focus is to provide the best quality crafted illustrations of intelligent innovations of astrological data the future has to offer. $200 usd for you to book for an event. We take PayPal cash app or Venmo.


For events, shows and speaking engagements, irawoifefacts reserves the right to be compensated upon arrival.

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