The Eshu and Sebek Spirit Building Programs for Success

Right brained faith building excercises

My comprehensive social approach to building intuition, faith and the human imagination is a big part of the metaphysical work I do. Our human imagination is an immense and intricate aspect of positive thinking this is done by self visualization. I do 45 Min sessions of the best imagination and faith building exercises in which I also use and teach you meditation techniques. My astrological expertise coupled with my knowledge of meditation work together. I will teach you how they correspond using positive thinking and self visualization techniques.

Left brained faith building exercises

My comprehensive and social approach to building and encouraging the habitual use of analytical thought and applied logic to all situations. The ability to create habits formed by the use of logic analytical thought, science and mathematics. This is also the greatest enemy of negative thinking. You will learn how to use astrology, and left brained meditation techniques simultaneously.


These sessions are 45 to 60 min for $100 a session.

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