On a Friday evening I was delighted to answer the phone call of Brother Sekou. During our call we discussed two natal chart, first my Queen and then myself. He graciously added in an abbreviated transit reading for the rest of the year, for free, though it by itself holds its own value of $50. 

I have had trouble writing a testimonial for Brother Sekou's magnificent work, not because it has been too personal to share, not because it has been too difficult to look at my own reflection in the Universal Mirror, but I have had trouble with timing; I have now, with Brother Sekou's word and work, realized that reflection and action are conjoined activities. I have been performing them constantly, consistently, and simultaneously, with great ease. 


By this I mean that Brother Sekou gives actionable, practical readings that you find yourself applying even before the call is over.


The proper contextualization of astrological energies with Afrakan Orisha, Vodoun, Abosom, and Deities is a massive step on our path of ReAfrikanization. This is a huge conceptual leap that Brother Sekou has done, for us, and it deserves an additional sentence to highlight and emphasize its importance! Now this is coming from someone who has his natal placements and aspects memorized and despite this, I have never had a clearer reading. Flower-crowned white females and males cannot, in any way, assist the Black Man in his understanding of the subtleties of his masculinity. Let us remember that to be Afrakan is to be complex, deep, and nuanced. Brother Sekou's readings will help you navigate the cosmos with deliberate grace.

- Mason, 27, DC.

@Irawo_Ife_Facts Just did my Natal Chart reading and I have no regrets. Best reading I could ask for! Everyone NEEDS ONE!

- nephthys_kikenna

@irawo_ife_facts provided my first ever natal chart and forecast chart. His reading was thoughtful, organized and well explained. I learned the origin and basis for some of my behaviors that were preventing me from.moving forward successfully. Because of his wonderful reading, I am now able to navigate around my "chiron" issues and use all of my available tools and talents to my best advantage!

- C. Gutel

Looking for a personal astrologer in NYC? Look no further. I had the best experience at irawo_ife_facts Astrology! Sekou is insightful, knowledgeable, intelligent accurate. He has a passion for what he does. He really cares. He’s pretty much an expert in astrology and people. He will help to guide and navigate the intricacies of your birth chart. I will be back for more! Thankyou Sekou!

-Crystal B.

Stepped out of my box and got my first forecast reading done by Irawo Ife Facts. He was informative and it was an absolute pleasure speaking with him. Thank you sir.


My experience with Sekou, was one I will never forget. I was told exactly what I needed to hear at the exact moment I needed to hear it. It was surreal. It was like, he was in my head. Aware of my current struggles and he even knew of ones I had surpassed. He was able to identify the main conflict in each interpersonal relationship we looked over. I paid for two sessions in one call because one session just wasn't enough. He's amazing, well worth it. No question.


-Jacklyn Brown 

Creator of Mindwrites365

I was very impressed by the accuracy of my reading, the energy was as if he already knew me on a personal level. This is a very gifted Brother, truly knowledgeable with his craft. I am going to have reading done for my Queen and daughter as well.


VS The Most High 

hi my name is egypt and i love irawoifefacts what what!! 

when he gave me a dream interpretation and it was amazing i couldn’t break my dreams down and was conflicted as to where do i go for this advice irawoife facts has helped me with this and I’m extremely thankful for this if you want a sense of direction if you feel in state of confusion if you seek for understanding irawoifefacts is the way to go.


Getting a reading was so beneficial, this brother was able to deliver on point messages that specifically meet my needs. He took his time to explain each message that he received on my behalf. This helped me set course for my goals and things i had to do. I was able to ask many questions and he clarified anything i did not understand. This brother is extremely loving and devoted, I would highly recommend getting a reading to help set course on things you have planned. 


-SataRah Mo

My own personal reading with Sekou was like no other. He is straight to the point, tells you what you need to hear no holds barred. Accuracy is truly an understatement to describe his readings. $25 for a whole hour session is well worth it, rare to come across.

-Kae Lani Huston

Sekou's number and astrology readings were very detailed and accurate. He took his time to explain the characteristics of my planets and rising. I plan on getting another reading soon. A reading from Sekou is highly recommended he is skilled in seeing where your strengths and weaknesses are. He will encourage you to utilize your strengths. He will also encourage you to transform your weakness into your strengths . Get a reading from  Brother Sekou you will  not be dissatisfied.


I had the pleasure of working with Sekou. He was very attentive and gave a clear forecast reading. In the middle of our initial reading I had to end our conversation early. Sekou reached out multiple times on different days to continue the reading. His is extremely professional and helpful.

-Sassy Savage

Irawoifefacts reading was very insightful when it came to taking action with lifes duties in the near future. The reading was very specific and to the point. I would recommend anyone looking for answers to choose Irawoifefacts.   

- Akilah

Compatibility Success Facts Reading:

I received a reading with Sekou and it was amazing.  Not only did Sekou discuss things that we were aware about in our relationship, but it helped us learn each other from a different perspective.  My man now understands me on a different level and is willing to accept things he was unsure about in the past.  Even though we didn't have many bad aspects, we are still willing to focus on how to overcome the negative aspects in our life to make our relationship stronger.  We are both willing to work on ourselves and meet each other half way based on what we now know will benefit our relationship. This reading has enhanced things we were privvy too and now we know what targets to hit. I am happy and confident that Sekou was able to see things in our relationship that was being ignored. Not to mention, he sees marriage in our future so that was exciting to hear. I can't wait for our future to unfold, thanks to Sekou.



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